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Orthodontic Care

Our office offers both interceptive and complete orthodontics for our patients.  We believe every child should have a stable, well-aligned smile.  We accomplish this through constant evaluation of your child’s teeth at every visit.


We examine your child for orthodontic-problem warning signs at every visit.  These warning signs include early loss of primary (baby) teeth, poor position of developing teeth, such oral habits as thumb sucking and mouth breathing, and cross bite.  We will diagnose these problems; educate you regarding their causes, and recommend treatments to correct them.


Dr. Poulos has been trained to diagnose orthodontic problems,

and completes over fifty hours of continuing education in orthodontics alone each year.  This permits him to keep abreast of the latest information and current technologies designed to improve your child’s smile.


Dr. Poulos and his staff are prepared to assist you in making wise decisions designed to make your child’s all-important smile just great.